Specialized Contract Manufacturing

CNC Milling

We service the worldwide orthopedic industry with specialized contract manufacturing services to produce surgical instruments, nail implants, plate implants and screw implants of the highest quality from Penang, Malaysia.


does 3D stand for?

  • Dynamic - We constantly embrace rapid changes and have the capacity to shift our paradigm through innovation and creativity
  • Drive - We have great urge and willingness to pursue our believes and core competency in achieving our target
  • Distinction - We will seek our best orthopaedic manufacturing experience to ensure superb efficiency and effectiveness


3D INSTRUMENTATION is located in Juru Prime industrial Park, Penang, Malaysia.

3D INSTRUMENTATION Is specialized in Orthopedic Medical Devices for Implants and Instruments.

3D INSTRUMENTATION is focused exclusively on contract manufacturing services for the medical device industry, producing components and assemblies from prototyping to full production.

Empowering Beautiful Life

Beautiful Life

We feel fortunate to be operating in an industry that holds the power to affect lives in such a profound way and we are proud of the services we offer.

One - Stop Contract Manufacturing Solution

One Stop

To be Malaysia's market leader in orthopedic medical devices by implementing complete One - Stop Contract Manufacturing Solution.

Quality Objectives

Quality Objectives

Maximizing customer Quality and On-time Delivery satisfaction are 3D INSTRUMENTATION’s primary objectives.

Corporate Core Values

Core Values

  • Customer - Exceeding customer’s expectation and confidence.
  • Investor / Shareholder - Ensure reasonable profit to stimulate growth.
  • Employees - Respect individuals thus providing a great career path.
  • Supplier - Being good paymaster & business partners.
  • Community - Being good corporate citizen.

27th November 2013

Established since 2013

3D Instrumentation Sdn Bhd has been established since 2013.